SHUWATCH!! The Ultraman Fan Zine Vol. 1

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SHUWATCH!! is a mixed media, digital fan zine that’s centered on the Ultraman franchise! Our aim is to showcase the international fan community’s love and dedication to the series that has been going on for more than 50 years. Each page will feature the titular giant alien heroes, the little guys who helped the Ultras while on Earth, and the vicious yet incredible Aliens and Kaiju that terrorized cities.

All proceeds coming from zine sales will go towards the Ultraman Foundation, a charity group formed by the creators of Ultraman, Tsuburaya Productions. Founded back in 2011, their goal is to bring hope and relief towards children and their families from areas in Japan that were affected by natural disasters by hosting hero shows and providing relief goods.

Disclaimer: This project is not, in any way, affiliated with Tsuburaya Productions. We are a small non-profit group consisting of fans who volunteered and wish to show off and spread their love for the Ultraman franchise, therefore this project is fan-made and unofficial. Characters such as Ultraman, the kaiju and other characters featured (with the exception of fan-designed characters) in this zine are owned by Tsuburaya Productions.

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SHUWATCH!! The Ultraman Fan Zine Vol. 1

6 ratings